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Meet Dr Espen Hjalmby.  An extra-ordinary being, passionately dedicated to helping others. From finding his little brother Kevin passed away in his room when he was young, breaking both his legs in a motorbike accident in 2006 and almost dying from a hospital infection, to overcoming a severe learning disability, Dr Espen’s story is the perfect example of how anyone can overcome the obstacles in their life (no matter how big) and achieve greatness.   He now spends his time travelling the world speaking, researching and teaching the science, art and philosophy of wellness, longevity, detox, weight loss, muscle and fitness, personal power and personal development, mindset, spirituality as well as the powerful principles of business and wealth mastery.

Alain Psychic with Dr Espen Hjalmby

I have been honoured to be at a number of Dr Espen’s seminars as Quantum Experience Crew Facilitator to hold energetic space and support participants in their individual healing and transformation.  Both as a past participant and a current facilitator, I wholeheartedly endorse this man.  This could be the key to unlocking your ultimate future, and finally moving on from your past to your Awesome Self!

I have added some links to his seminars below.  If you have any questions call me on 0409 058 562.

Big Love 


Are you ready to go Quantum?


  • Use the power of MEDITATION to integrate spiritual and scientific principles to experience a Quantum Upgrade in each of the 8 areas of your life.

  • Break the habit of being your old limited self (the Ego) and step in to the ENERGY OF YOUR SOUL to create the life that is waiting for you on the other side…

  • Learn how a shift in your consciousness creates a shift in your life.

  • Learn how to eliminate your personal abundance blocks and integrate self love

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Quantum Advanced


In this 2 day TRANSFORMATIONAL and LIFE CHANGING seminar, Dr Espen shows you how to live from your heart and release the emotional blockages stored in your body which have been holding you back. 

Want to unleash your fullest potential ?

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Your Quantum Upgrade


Join Dr Espen online for this 8 week Quantum Upgrade Seminar.  This seminar is where you get to CREATE A LIFE BY CONSCIOUS DESIGN by applying the newest principles of Quantum Science and Consciousness into your life.   CLICK HERE to find out more…



Business Success Automation


Whether you are a growing entrepreneur, CEO, business owner or employee simply looking to start your own business, Business Success Automation online gives you the tools to save both time and money as you learn how to combine a brand new and innovative – fully scalable business model with your passion – and your WHY, which allows you to create a rapidly growing business doing you love, and loving what you do.

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