The Journey

I was born and raised in the Seychelles Islands in a culture of very mixed nationalities. My first sights of life were beautiful palm fringed beaches, olive skinned women, balmy nights and strange rites and rituals. It was these rituals and ceremonies, like a medicine man giving a healing, the Chinaman dispensing herbs, coloured ladies in costumes performing tribal dances, that stayed in my mind. Their magic and depth of understanding. It seemed so profound, so awesome.

A new life in Australia, high school over, and off travelling to find me, my Truth. Met many interesting people, learned much about life and love. Made some worthwhile mistakes. Planted a couple of trees. Had many real experiences of giving and receiving. Felt what service really means. Became a dad. Figured out the power of humility and the unlimitedness of the human character.

My journey then took me on to gain greater knowledge of the various types of Meditation. I practised Yoga, Crystal and Spiritual Healing and was attuned to Reiki Master. Past lives were challenging to learn but Psychometry was fun and demanded strong discipline. Was guided to be a Palm Reader and to read the Tarot Cards too. Then came an understanding of Astrology and Numerology. Did an array of classes on personal development, read many a book, studied counselling and attended dozens of lectures. Partook in Healing Lodges, Dance Circles, Meditation Retreats and met numerous notable messengers that I admired and respected. For a bit of fun and frivolity, undertook a fire walk. A handy way to keep your toes toasted. As they say, don’t try this at home, but walking on Hot Coals resets the mind re facing fears.

In 1986 my spirit called upon me to pursue a life as a professional Psychic Reader and Healer. I believe I have something to share. Now based in Cairns, I read for numerous overseas clientele and regularly visit southern cities to further my experience in this – what I call my passion. It is through my Readings, Workshops and Healings that I am most at Home.

Eclectic Psychic & Healer


My interest in Psychic/Spiritual/Energetic matters has always been in the forefront of my being and as a youth was somewhat intrigued by the fact that I could see, feel, hear, smell and sense energy and that I had the ability to Tune in to people’s past and Future lives.  I could not properly understand – until I got expert guidance.

The focus of my services are to engage with you, to guide you to positive change and move forward with your life to better work / wealth opportunities, loving relationships, happy bodies and a higher level of spiritual growth.  Unleashing your best possible future is my game. Mediumship is not my forte.

My quest to develop my Gifts has taken me on to do much learning and then to Teach topics like Psychic Development, Numerology, Palmistry and Meditation.  I have been attuned to Munay Ki (rites of heart opening of South American Curandero Shamans) and regularly practise Qi Gong, an energy form of East Asia, under the Mastership of Dr Daniel Houtman, to cultivate stronger energy field.  I am a Reiki master and have studied counselling and learnt an array of modalities and facilitated a huge number of workshops, retreats and healing circles on a 27 year plus career of professionally guiding my community and these days my work goes internationally too.  Meditation of various kinds are also one of my favourites.  I practise daily and also attend various gatherings.

I have travelled to many destinations in my seeking for more Wisdom and Knowledge.  Have spent time in India at the ashram in the presence of the late Sai Baba.  A powerful journey that words cannot describe.  Time in Indonesia meditating in the mountains alone.  Travelled through the South American Andes of Argentina and Bolivia taping into these awesome cultures.  Spent time in Thailand and Laos and Cambodia relishing in the child like nature and discipline of the Buddhist monks and their humbleness.

My other adventure was in June 2012 where for 2 months, I had a massive awakening in the jungles of Peru where with the guidance of the Shamans, I learnt about their medicinal plants and partook in various rituals and ceremonies.  Experiences that goes way beyond human understanding from both the healing and psychic levels.

A smart person once told me that wisdom is earnt.

In February 2014, in the company of two trusted friends I headed off to the Amazon Jungle and the Andes of South America in Peru to take my spiritual knowing further through more connections with these universally conscious and powerful Shamans.  They seemed to heal with great ease, whilst us the recipient goes through an immense process to clear emotions that are stuck deep within.  The personal and physical discomforts are sometimes immeasurably hard.  Nights were long.  Time slow.  Nourishment just a pass.  Trust was learnt intuitively.  Destiny revealed.  I wanted their knowing, their secrets.

Is it to Feel what is Real ???

Back much the wiser and happy to download and now understand why a smart person would say wisdom is earnt.  I am so grateful to all and circumstances that created these unforgettable moments to happen.

“Love Is Real. Real Is Love” John Lennon

I am fully open to share my knowledge and wisdom with whoever wants to know and learn through my Readings, Healings, Workshops and Retreats.  Looking forward to meeting you and us growing together.

Cheers Alain

Alain Psychic 2022TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

What next for this Spiritual Warrior?  General maintenance of home, garden and body.  Massive decision to become a Dad again.  Some say crazy, others laugh, we rejoice.  In mid 2015 with the Great Spirit in partnership we were blessed to welcome our gorgeous son.  Life totally rearrange in anticipation of more growth and awakening through this journey.  Took us through massive emotions highs and lows by as Love is the glue we survived and thanked.  Creativity galore developed both in art and musically.  Many a guru came to town and limited my spiritual practices to a couple of Tee Pee ceremonies and lots of meditation.  Tapping into the Truth via silence and connecting to knowing without the noise of words.

In a deep meditation a voice said it was “time to renew your contract with the medicinal plants”.  Putting out to the Universe for what needs to happen to manifest.  An invitation to an Organic Festival deep into the Brazilian jungle.  No access to technology, electricity, clean water and gourmet food.

2018…  Big plane, small plane, boat, bus, taxi and walk to a mind blowing experience into the heart of the Amazon Jungle in Brazil.  Lazy days, meditation, organic food and connecting to the unbelievable forces of the Shamans and their medicine at the Huni Kuni gathering.  Powerful ceremonies all night long.  Creating new emotional space within self to welcome the new Me, the new Realizations and to sharing all of the wisdom acquired.  Beauty all around, immeasurable time as if at a Birth and Funeral all at the same moment.

Whilst awaiting my next adventure, the current journey now is to explore other areas of where I can share my wisdom and knowledge.  In 2019 I aligned myself with Dr. Espen’s Quantum Living Seminars as a dedicated new member to travelling to various locations assisting this talented man on his mission of gathering souls who want to better their lives through his teachings – vision.  Vanuatu being one of these locations.  We learnt, healed and explored our own awakening and vulnerabilities to an intensive level in order for us to be True Givers.

I welcome you to come and share this blessing with me.  Until my next journey on the Road to Nowhere – the Void.

Hugs Alain


Hello 2020.  The year starts off quite cruisy as any 4 year would.  Somewhat sluggish some might say.  But by Feb the airwaves start to show signs of grey and feelings of fear as a new word Coronavirus emerges form the depth of our guts.  Like a horror movie, this is no fiction.  Real life stuff.  Masks wearing, stay home orders.  I’m sure you remember the rest and how it played out.  Then come the Vaccine.  First Vac one then two and 3rd one.  A hedge hog I know got jealous!  The daily news report of the passing over was a must watch.  Long year, long nights, long conversation.  Lots of anger, Lots of cries, Lots of know it alls.

2021 drags on with little change.  More pain for those who could not bear the weight of the last year.  Financial collapses for the smaller folks, large corporations make more profit.

April 2022 we breath a little more as we are told that the power to be have had their fun with us and we can now go on to start living the New Normal.  And here we now are.  Much has changed.  If you had an opinion great, felt resentment, great too, was overall pissed, yep.  So what did you learn?  I got heaps.  Found my vulnerabilities, my strength, my other gifts, my humanity. 

Let’s go forward and co-create magic.  The sort of magic that will make all of us be more abundant, find deeper meaning Love, clear the path for our passions and creativity and above all be of service.  Service to community and all that habitats this planet.

Big Love Alain