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Psychic Development – Without the Tools e-book

Is a work programme to teach people how to develop one’s natural ability to be psychic. The format is easy to follow (it’s a beginners to an intermediate level system) and takes very little time to understand and practice. It is recommended that the exercises are done more than once but as many times as you wish. It is surprising how quick you will grasp it and start to feel more connected to your psychic self. Predominantly for the purpose of doing Readings and passing on Messages. Enjoy.


The Seven Saintly Souls e-book

Is an interesting e-workbook of 7 short stories and based on 7 characters that who have crossed my path and inspired me on my journey of spiritual growth and self awareness. Moving through from a basic, yet cheeky level of awakening, through to the Enlightened state of consciousness, these 7 short stories also recommend a meditation of an unusual kind. Different in the sense that they are sometimes peaceful, sometimes haunting. Channelled through from my beautiful passed over mother Julie, see if you can recognise yourself or someone you may know in any of these 7 unusual personalities. Enjoy. Hugs Alain


Numerology and the Property Cycle bookNumerology and the Property Cycle

(Available as an e-book or paperback)

Numerology and the Property Cycle is an insightful book which shows you how numerology and property cycles are intrinsically connected – and in fact how numerology has a real affect on how property prices behave.

The authors, Alain and Ayden, guide you through the highs and lows of the property cycle showing each numerological step of the cycle and the external indicators to watch out for. By applying numerology and the information in this book – you will be able to match the year with the phase in the property cycle.

Want to buy in the low of the market and sell in the high? You too can wear a “Property $miley Face”.

Numerology isn’t just about following property cycles. Numerology and the Property Cycle will also introduce you to basic numerology which you can apply to other areas of your life. You may even want to delve more into numerology after reading this book, as it is a great tool to discover yourself and the world through.

In Numerology and the Property Cycle, Alain provides a psychic analysis of the key numerological stages with a colourful description for each stage and focus on house numbers.

Ayden builds on Alain’s descriptions with complementary topics including life path and property energy.

Together they developed the “Property $miley Face” and a “Property $miley Face Chart” which is a simple chart where you can plot your property cycles.

Not interested in buying or selling real estate? Well that’s okay, this book may still be for you. Everybody needs somewhere to call their home. Numerology and the Property Cycle will show you what house numbers and in which direction the house should face, to create an energy in the home to compliment your present emotions. Whether you rent or buy – this book may guide you!

Paperback – $10.00 plus $5 P&H to anywhere in Australia

Ebook – $5.00

Testimonial for Numerology and the Property Cycle

I personally have not seen a book similar to this, the guidance and information imparted is both truly amazing and enlightening.
Knowing both Alain and Ayden for many years I know the reader will get both author’s heart and soul in this brilliant new volume. Seldom does a book like this come along like this to address our future investments as well as showing our past errors. The way this book educates us both from a spiritual and physical point of view is astounding. With Alain 30+ years as a psychic and Ayden thirst for knowledge and facts you are really getting the best of both worlds. And with the world changing at an incredible rate, up to date awareness on markets and the like, you will keep you ahead of the pack for many years to come.
For the mum and dad investors, professionals and especially real estate agents this volume will certainly show you the way on the best times to strike at the market. More importantly it shows you the times not to get involved. Many billions of dollars have been lost in investment and future gains simply by hitting the market at the wrong time. So this small investment in the book now has the potential not only to save you plenty of wasted investment dollars but enable you to use it at the right time to strike while the irons hot.
From Ayden’s numerous examples of past cycles though patterns and graphs, the boys show how cycles make up all parts of our life. Alain’s knowledge of human nature and our habits and behaviour though his many eons of personal contact with people he has helped, bring a personal and spiritual touch to the information given. This is a book for everyone, and I know you can take what you need from the book to further enrich your life both with monetary rewards as well as to help with spiritual knowledge on the personal front such as relationships.
Numerology and the Property Cycle addresses all these thoroughly and much more.
I highly recommend this book to the many readers in their search for answers.

Steve Parker
(Professional Psychic)