Psychic In the Media

Alain has featured in the media in national magazines and has written articles and the stars for newspapers.  What’s more he has done various radio interviews.  As a weekly guest on breakfast radio doing live readings and discussing a broad spectrum of psychic matters, he is a psychic who is well Loved in the media.

Some of the Radio Stations Alain has featured on include HOT FM, and the now HIT FM, 4CA, SEA FM Radio Cairns and 90.9 FM Radio Port Douglas.

CLICK HERE to check out Alain as he drops in to Hit FM Radio Station one morning to have some fun and help Carly tune in to her psychic ability !  

Psychic in the mediaPsychic in the mediaPsychic in the media

Some of Alain’s radio recordings since 2012 are accessible below.  Listen to what he had to say back then about current and upcoming topics for Cairns, Australia and unfolding World events.


The Shift on 90.9 FM Radio Port Douglas

1st December 2012
Alain discusses the transformation of Consciousness in these times and what changes are coming our way in 2013….

21st September 2013
Alain firstly predicts on the current tensions between the presidents of Russia and America and unrest in Syria.  Secondly, he talks about the emerging Asia new world power and the royal monarchy Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew.  And lastly, and closer to home, he delves into the implications of the Australian election with the new Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott and what changes and developments are on the cards for Far North Queensland and Cairns….

23rd November 2013
Alain predicts upcoming weather and cyclones for the Cairns Region.  He follows by discussing motorcycle laws and the royal family.  He highlights the uncovered corruption of the world and that the truth will be revealed.  Lastly, he talks about dredging of the Great Barrier Reef and building super ports for mining…..