What clients are saying:

Each person that seeks the help of a psychic has their own reasons for doing so.  I don’t consider Alain to be just an incredible psychic but also a healer with an extraordinary understanding of energy and for the human experience.  This allows him to give highly accurate psychic readings (the best I have had) but to also understand what needs to be said if you are seeking healing and self-reflection for growth.  I am on my own Spiritual journey and work with Alain on a regular basis and I would not be where I am without him.  His guidance has been life-changing for me. Alain is a man that is constantly learning and evolving his own Spirituality.  His connection to Spirit is both profound and beautiful.  He approaches his work with the utmost of respect and professionalism and will help you find the answers you seek.  His Light shines bright and the world is a better place for it.
Leslie – Gladstone

Words can’t express enough how incredible your reading was. You would have to be the best reading I’ve had in ages. Everything was spot on, you answered my questions with so depth, and I can’t thank you enough. It has given me soooo much more understanding about everything. Thank you sooo much, very much appreciated 😀
Annabelle – Sydney

Indeed truely Alain you have a beautiful aura and energy about you and you use that to heal people’s emotions by giving them hope and advising them how to unstick the bad energy in their life so they can live a satisfied and fulfilling life because you have the gift of understanding and forseeing into the future and you help steer the ship in the right direction, and for that I am truely most grateful of and appreciative of.
XX Maria – Sydney

I have closely followed Alain’s career for approximately 12 years. He is and has been a stalwart supporter of the community in many ways. Over the years, he has served in a volunteer capacity on many community projects. He has been the creator, promoter and energy behind numerous other charitable and social activities in Cairns and southern Australia.

Alain has acted in the capacity of a psychic and counsellor for many years. I am personally aware that his skilful guidance, support and wisdom that have benefitted many locals and even saved several lives. He has a truly rare and admirable quality of operating from a non-competitive platform and supports others even if that support is to the detriment of his own practice.
John – Cairns

I have been consulting Alain for a few years and have always valued his Oscar winning performance as a spiritual mentor and healer. His integrity and dedication to truth has always delivered the message I needed to receive, albeit not always wanted to hear. His dedication and courage he shows on the path to his own growth serves as a guiding force to my own self discovery. His balanced views show fresh and broader ways of looking at life and our own issues and therefore are welcomed by many.
Sylvia – Cairns

I have know Alain Baillon, Psychic, since approximately 1997 (16 years).  His professional approach to his readings together with his wicked sense of humour gives a serious topic a light hearted feel.  Having attended many of his day workshops i.e. Numerology & Palmistry, Psychic Development etc; Unfolding Retreat and Reiki nights – has helped increase my awareness and understanding and helped my personal development immensely.
Alain is sincere, gentle and funny man / Psychic who is always shining his bright light onto the planet.
Grateful client,
Lina – Cairns

I have known Alain Baillon for over 25 years and can vouch for his professionalism and work ethic over this time. Alain is an extremely talented Psychic who has dedicated his life to helping others through his talents, not only in one on one readings but in workshops, retreats and seminars.

Alain approaches his chosen vocation with compassion, honesty and a desire to help others. He is friendly, approachable and offers freely of his time to assist when needed. Alain is well respected within the community and plays an important role in the organisation and implementation of various retreats, seminars and festivals in Cairns and the surrounding areas.

Alain’s advice is regularly sought by both radio and print media alike and I personally have no hesitation in recommending Alain and the services he offers feeling safe in the knowledge that his clients will be treated in an honest, caring and professional manner.
Dayna – Brisbane