Psychic development classes and workshops

These are a series of workshops designed to enhance your natural ability to be psychic. The classes come in one nightly session per week over 5 weeks, or one day workshop, or weekend 2 day training for advance students. Geared to suit the participants, I run small groups, 6 people, to large groups depending on your ability to take in the information at ease. The participants’ response and keenness to learn guide the classes to where it needs to go for the good of all. All areas of psychic development are looked at, such as psychometry, flower reading, automatic writing, remote viewing, the power of intuition, meditation, breathwork etc. and much time is allocated for discussion, questions and answers. I commit to share with you my many years as a professional psychic and nothing is withheld. Being passionate about passing on this wisdom and knowledge is my gift to you. After course care is available as a one to one or professional training.

Investment $30 per hour session for group evening classes. $150 per one day group workshop (bring lunch to share). $200 per weekend 2 day group training. $120 per hour one-on-one personal or professional training.

Above prices are Cairns, Australia only.

Classes and Workshops also available in Tarot Card Reading, Palmistry & Numerology

Card reading, Palmisty or Numerology instructions are available for $120 per hour session.  This is one-on-one personal or professional training. Group classes are available for 6 or more people and are $30 per person per hour session.

Above prices are Cairns, Australia only.

Shamanic Group Meditation Journeys

Shamanic Group Meditation Journeys done in a nurturing environment while the group lies down on mats on the floor. The facilitator channels and draws on to the Guides, Angels and Light Beings to assist in the journey of the participant of discovering true self through active meditation technique by surrendering to feeling and emotions as they arise. Visions are sometimes seen here! Drums, Rattle, Didgerido and the Icaros (Curandero Shaman songs) are the preferred tools for this incredible experience.

Investment p.o.a.

Workplace meditation & relaxation classes

Stress is the master of all of our fears. In this program of fun and relaxation I will take you on a journey of bliss and re-energizing to help you recharge in short and sweet moments, that you will wonder why you did not do this before. Simple exercises to stimulate your senses and bring life back in your day so that you can be the spirit that you were born to be. Full of vigor after these practices, your undisciplined habits will quickly disappear to reveal healthier eating, more exercise and relaxation. Habits that will make you so proud of yourself. Friends, family and colleagues will notice the vital new you. These practices come as a one of, but more effective as a package of 4, 8 or 10 weekly lots.

Investment $30 per person per half hour session (min. 6 people) Cairns, Australia only. Can cater for large groups. Longer sessions available p.o.a.

Unfolding retreats (1-5 days)

These come in 1-5 day happenings and are held usually on large out of the way properties in the countryside to maximise the growth of the experience. The retreats take us through a series of life changing experiences looking at our life now and how to unfold our inner beauty and outer existence using tools such as various meditation, art therapy and many other techniques and models to enhance this journey called You! Apart from a pleasant relaxing surrounding, the retreat provides comfortable sleeping arrangements and wholesome nourishing meals (no alcohol is advised). The nature of the retreat is for each person to delve into an honest and truthfull space of integrity and check in with what Is and what is Not. Much is left in the past after this type of work and renewal is celebrated. The bad habits and pain that have plagued us in our history, is now at a point of cleansing as future meets freedom at a place in balanced existence with clarity never felt before. Not for the faint hearted, but a prize for the ones who are spiritually and humanly conscious.

Investment Price on application. Minimum number of 6 people required to run the retreat.