Alchemy of Men Retreat

20 – 22 October 2023


Weekend Retreats that focus on Men’s Health and Well-being, we specialise in working with men who are feeling stuck, not knowing how to move forward, and/or suffering from anxiety, depression, or childhood trauma.

Unlock the POWER within, Rediscover Yourself, Rediscover Life.

A journey of self-empowerment and personal growth for MEN.  A 3 Day Retreat all inclusive of adventure challenges, outdoor activities, fire ceremony, retreat processes and program, all meals and accommodation, transport to/from Cairns plus ongoing support program.


Men Retreat



All throughout life we go through ups and downs. During difficult periods we tend to act in ways that amplify our problems and negatively impact our mental health, motivation, mindset, relationships, work, and health.

The goal of attending Alchemy of Men Retreat is to learn how to deal with your mind and emotions in a constructive and positive manner.

Learn new knowledge, practical tools, and strategies to:

  • Reduce excessive worry, overthinking, and overwhelm
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Reduce avoiding and withdrawing from life and situations
  • Understand the emotions that overwhelm you
  • Increase self-confidence and motivation
  • Reduce frustration and anger and understand your triggers and reactions
  • Improve your ability to connect and communicate in relationships
  • Clarify a meaningful life/career direction, goals, and values
  • Improve energy, vitality, and life satisfaction

Your experience does not stop after the retreat, you will be part of a unique support program that includes follow-up zoom meetings to keep you accountable and on track.   

We are here for you and together we will achieve amazing results.


“Very informative, the venue is great and the location is perfect. I felt comfortable in the group and found the content very helpful in many areas of my life. A very powerful experience”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Alchemy of MEN Retreats as the best thing you can do for yourself to become the best version of who you are. This event exceeded my expectations. Very professional, inspiring, and informative”

“Was great to get away from the busy world and spend time with like-minded men. Accommodation, Location and Food were perfect”




Geraldine Zadkiel

Men RetreatGeraldine is a qualified Kinesiologist and founder of Heart Connection, she has been working with clients for over 15 years specialising in Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Childhood Trauma.  Working with individual and presenting retreats to men and women, Geraldine developed a passion for working with men when she identified patterns within her male clients who were experiencing burn-out, long term adrenal stress and literally struggling to keep up with  running a business, family responsibilities and the pain of knowing family/friends who had committed suicide.  Working with these men closely, combining her passion to work with subconscious to meet disharmony where it is activated. Passionate about the well-being of men she set out to combine her life’s work to develop a practical program specifically for men.  A program of inspired action.

Almando Anton

Men RetreatAlmando’s journey of self-discovery, healing, and improvement began after going through an unexpected separation and divorce back in 2010. This led to an interest in human behaviour, how the mind works and what can be done to change and release ‘bad’ experiences. During this self-healing time, he has completed a Certificate in Heart Therapy Training, a participant in NLP Life Coach Training, and been a crew member and graduate for a number of Quantum Experience and Quantum Advance courses plus completed the Accelerator program with life coach Dr. Espen. In addition, he continues to study various modalities of both the physical and transcendental nature. Almando is passionate about helping men become more conscious of themselves and discovering the duality of their nature without compromising their masculinity.

Alain Baillon

Men RetreatAlain is a Reiki master who has also studied counseling and learned an array of other modalities, he has facilitated a huge number of workshops, retreats, and healing circles over the past 27 years. A powerful journey that words cannot describe. Time in Indonesia meditating in the mountains alone. Traveling through the South American Andes of Argentina and Bolivia tapping into these awesome cultures. Time in Thailand and Laos and Cambodia relishing in the child-like nature and discipline of the Buddhist monks and their humbleness. Massive awakening in the jungles of Peru where with the guidance of the Shamans and more…. Alain is passionate about moving forward to co-create magic. The sort of magic that will make all of us be more abundant, find deeper meaning in Love, clear the path for our passions and creativity, and above all be of service. Service to the community and all that habitats this planet. Alain brings wisdom to Alchemy Retreat for Men

Limited spaces available (small group of 12 men)

Investment for the Alchemy of Men Retreat is $1957.

EARLY BIRD PRICING sale ends 29 September 10:00 am    $1,697.00.

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